Monday, July 30, 2007

Using an image from dj. If you have not checked her out do so. She does fabulous work. The base of the purse is an old purple velvet drape. Then added vintage lace and buttons. I think it came out great. If I do say so myself.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Oh how lovely

This was so much fun to make. The base is a vintage silk hankie. The lace and button were from a recent outing.


Last January my goal was to spend more time creating. Since I hate to cook and I don't consider myself a writer or do I play any kind of musical instrument. I chose what I have always done. That is to sew and craft. Well, I was doing really good, until May. Then life got in the way and everything was put on hold. Now, I'm ready to start this goal over. There is a saying "it is not how much thought goes into plan A, it is how well you execute plan B. Everyone handles stress and everyday interruption's differently. I feel very lucky to have been taught at an early age to sew. To use that as a stress release. Otherwise I would weigh as much as an elephant. :)Sometimes things don't come out like I envisioned them in my head. Those just go in the pile of "oh well"s". Then I will start over on something else.
I'm new to the whole blog world. I will admit I have been lurking (as my son calls it) some of you blogger's out there. This has helped me to gain inspiration and I completely impressed by how talented everyone is. So with all that said I guess I had better get busy.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 28,2007

Mr and I on vacation in Big Sur Calif. What's not to love about the coast of Calif. Both of our kids are gone for the summer. Our son is on tour of the USA with his band.He is 17. Our daughter is in Tokyo modeling. She is 15. Not sure if we are the really cool parents or the worst parents for letting our kids take on such big adventures. It has been nice being without them, but I'm ready for them to come home. But I will say this, my house has stayed clean. The one thing I hate about summer,(besides the heat in the desert) is there are always dirty dishes in the sink.