Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'll Be Back

We are leaving tomorrow for California. We are driving daughter and her 15 suitcases to the Hollywood area. No joke,she has packed everything. I told she was not going to a 3rd world country. She is signed with Willamina Modeling. My hopes are she has enough work to break even. Anything after that will be wonderful.
Hubby and I will then drive just north of Santa Barbara to see my mom.
I'm looking forward to getting out of the heat. Already in the low 100s. And getting away from my day job. Back in a week...........................

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

KC Willis Collage Camp

If you are not familiar with KC Willis go here. You will see she usually uses western and native American images in her beautiful works. Her camp has been fun learning her tricks to layering fabrics and distressing. However, if you know me I like to color outside the lines. I really wanted to add hardware to bring in even more texture. And of course add a doll.

It Takes Time to See
In this first piece I added a doll. I stayed away from making her to creepy. Her body has been coffee dyed. Cinnamon was sprinkled on while she was still wet. She smells good. I used a canvas board to mount everything on. This makes the piece stronger to hold the weight of the doll and tin. The pocket watch had been my grandfather's and it still works.
The In-Laws
Also mounted on a canvas board. I used the rust technique on the board. The leafs on the tree represent a family member.

The image is a post card I picked up in Sedona. The picture cracks me up. I'm guessing they were having a watermelon eating contest. If only these old pictures could talk.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This little one has made a home in Marsha's house. Why paper,scissors,
Marsha's is a fabulous collage artist. Her work is absolutely amazing.And I can say I'm the proud owner of one of her pieces. I'm someone who generally works in neutrals,but I love color. The colors in her work are so saturated and pure. Every time I look at one of her "works of joy" it brings a smile to my face.
So, back to paper, Her studio is Tumblefish Studios. I was just playing around with the large pair of scissors in her head,I have had the fish for sometime now and they just never seemed to work into anything. She just came together. And I knew who's home she belonged in. Why wings? Marsha uses wings in most of her work. Someone out there in blog land made a comment to her that wings were overused and she should try something different. Oh please!!! are there every to many wings or fairies?
If you have not made a trip to Marsha's site do so now. She is a delight,her work and her stories will put a smile on your face.