Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stop Art Piracy

My sweet and very talented friend Marsha has been a victim of a horrible crime. One of our fellow artist has used pieces of her work(without altering them) and claimed them as her own. The issue has been resolved and the art removed from flickr. Out of this crime, Marsha has come up with an idea to make art that represents this exact problem. I know this goes on all the time and it is not right. We all put our hearts and soul into what we make. Be it for profit or pleasure. So is it stealing one's work when you copy an idea? There are a lot of wings and pointy hats. I love wings and put them on just about everything. Is it stealing one's work when you use a technique? I don't think so. How many of you take a heat gun to paint to get it to bubble?
But when you take a piece of work or image without asking or outright copy someone's work,then that's a different story.
Join Marsha and other to Stop Art Piracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

She is Back

Many of you have asked about daughter. She is back. With the economy the way it is, the fashion industry has been hit hard. There was very little work for her. Having to pay everything out of her own pocket, free food and a bed at mom and dad's started looking very good. It put a dent in her bank account, but all was not lost. She has the experience under her belt and will try at a later time. The season will start picking up here so she should get some work locally.
Thanks everyone for asking.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's A Hot One!!!!!!!!

9am today. UGH!!! Our patio is on the north side of the house and covered. I'm not leaving the house today. Hubby is playing golf. He is out of his flipping mind.

Last Saturday took this class from Josie. At Mystic Paper It is an old jar lid that has been soldered. Was very difficult to photograph without getting a glare.

Doll for Jennifer and Kim at Mystic Paper. The charm is a women in the moon. That is their logo. The cowboy boot and rusty stars is Kim's part of the duo. Jennifer always wears the most fabulous clip on earrings and has a shabby chic side to her. Combined they make a great team. Had to borrow Kim's pic from their blog, cause someone forgot to take a picture of her before she went to live at the store.

Friday, July 10, 2009


This picture cracks me up. It is a post card that I found in Durango CO. A cowboy on a horse with his dog in the saddle holding the reins in his mouth. "Designated Drive" was the caption on the card. I copied the image onto fabric,and just started layering. The pieces of rusty metal I had my husband pull out of the bonfire at our friends lodge in Durango. Skull is from Hobby Lobby.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shrink Happens

I have been playing with shrink plastic or Shrinky Dink. Using stamps for the images. The above plastic pieces I applied alcohol ink after they were shrunk. Don't use the blending solution or it will smear the ink. The branch,clock and small bird are on white plastic.The bird image was stamped on the collage as well as on plastic. It really does shrink down. So when you pick a stamp make sure it is of good size.
Art doll 1. Her face I left uncolored. Hands and frame I used alcohol ink. Pieces glued or wired to rusted tin.
Art doll 2. She is stamped on frosted plastic. Her face was stamped after the plastic was shrunk. The only color add is to her lips.
Art doll 3. All the pieces are stamped on white plastic. Colored with chalk or markers