Monday, September 29, 2008

They Kicked Up Their Heels

Last week was the first Texas Retreat. Hosted by my gal pals, Tina and Cindy. I had so wanted to join them, but was just unable to swing it. I did feel I need to be there in some form so I sent them each a goody bag. I personalized cowboy boot tags using images off their banners. Yes I took them without asking!!!!!!! Shame on me. Comfort dolls and bags to hold everything. I had to take these pics form their sites. I was having a menopause moment and forgot to take pics before I mailed them off. Go to their sites to see all the fun these fabulous ladies had. Even without me..................................
Tina is also having a giveaway and don't forget to wish her Happy Birthday

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Metal Tape Switch Plate

Been a while since I have posted. No excuse. I have been doing a little bit of playing.
Working on a metal tape piece that is coming together. It is taking longer than I had planned. I keep changing my mind. I may be over thinking the whole thing. Since I'm in the metal tape phase I thought why not cover the light switch plate in my "Happy Space" (as one of my daughter's friends likes to call it). Metal tape, Tim Holtz grunge board,elements and alcohol ink. I rather like the way it came out. Just think of the possibilities. Could make for some unique gifts.
Off to get a hair cut. Called my girl this morning to see if she could squeeze me in. She knows I will take the scissors to it myself if I don"t get in. It's funny how one day you like the look of your hair and overnight it turns to crap. Then there is the gray highlight issue.......................................ugh

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Metal Tape

Last night I took a metal tape class at Mystic Paper with Mike. OMG this was great fun!!!!!!
I'm still rather new to the altered art world and have so much more to learn. I will definitely be playing around with this technique. Click the picture to see the details. Yes I know the number is sideways. The color is achieved with alcohol ink. It took a awhile playing around with the colors to get the look the final look. That is the beauty of this if you don't like it you can take the ink off or add more tape. The spinners on the bottom are nailed on. Note to self : When nailing something on a board make sure the nail is shorter than the depth of the board. Yes, I nailed it to the table......... Oops, sorry Kim you will find nail holes in the table where I was sitting. Hey, Mike got a big hoot out of it,as did the rest of the class. Some people pay big bucks for the distressed look.
Off to play.