Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Donkey

Remember I had told you all that I was not in the mood to put up the Christmas Tree. Mr. and Kids were fine with this. A few days before Christmas Mr. and D said they had some where they needed to go. This is what they came back with. Pedro the Christmas Donkey. Complete with Santa hat and red nose. I laughed so hard. He is a Pinata for those not familiar with them. They are very popular in the Southwest. They are always at birthday parties. It put me in the Christmas mood. We hung him up in the living room and piled the presents under him. Christmas morning after all the gifts had been opened we all got to take a swing at Pedro.
Don't they look so excited. I hope everyone's teenagers look this happy.(lol). D has those devil eyes ready to do some damage with that drum mallet. I was going to use one of Santa's golf clubs. That didn't go over very well. S. is just so darn happy to be alive. Santa had filled up Pedro with candy. Like we needed anymore sweets in the house.

In the end, Pedro bit the dust. Poor Pedro. He just may show up next year. I think we have started a new tradition................

My beautiful Dog Daughter loved all her new toys. Isn't it crazy how we are all so goofy over our pets. She is the easiest one to buy for and she always loves everything she get. I never have to return anything, cause it is the wrong size or color.

She was so happy that she had to thank Santa for everything.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tokens from the Heart

The above dress if for my dear blog friend Cindy
This is just to brighten her day . Like Cindy I also work retail. Only I'm in and out of all chain stores all day, everyday. I have been looking at Christmas since September. Now don't get me wrong I dearly love the Christmas season. However when I get home I don't want to look at or hear any more Christmas. By the time the actual holiday arrives I'm burned out. I still don't have a tree up and I have not wrapped a single gift. Cindy had expressed to me one day she felt the same way. When you work retail you are usually always a season a head. When you go into stores and you see Christmas in October. Those stores have had Christmas in their backrooms since August. Chances are in the stores backroom there may even be some Valentine's day tucked back in a corner. So back to the dress. Like I said this is just to brighten her day and it is not Christmas related. The dress is made from vintage and new lace coffee dyed. Enjoy Cindy and Happy every Holiday...........................

Friday, December 14, 2007

Beeswax Collage

I have been wanting to try my hand at beeswax collage. The best way to do that is to take a class. Mystic Paper was offering a class taught by Mike . Well, I knew I was just going to have to make time for the 3 hour class. And boy am I glad I did. Talk about fun. Mike is so much fun to take a class from. You should really checkout his site. He gives complete instructions and has tons of down loads. The theme of course was Paris. I had the small Eiffel Tower and just wired it on when I got home. So Santa if you are reading this I'm adding a melting pot, quilting iron,travel iron and beeswax to my Christmas list.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for Karl's What I Love about my Holiday Home. And for all your nice comments.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

What I love about my holiday home

I'm joining Karla's party. I have not put up as much as I usually do. Don't even have the tree up. Here are just a few things I love about my holiday house. The above snowmen I love. I got these from Michelle when she had her shop in Gilbert AZ. The star Santa I made using one of my 3 wishes Cindy gave me. The joy wings below are also from Cindy.

In the peace sign I used another wish from Cindy. I have large collection on shells that I use year round.

Jars of star dust

The quilt on the table was made by my mom. It is one of the last ones she did before her stroke. She had made me many quilts and I treasure each one.

And of course Mr. Crow has stuck around for the holidays. He has decked himself out his holiday finest. Who needs a Partridge in a Pear Tree, when you have a Crow on a silver platter.
Thanks for stopping by and have a Happy Holiday.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Snowman swap

These are the snowmen I received from my partner Susan. They are absolutely adorable. They are made so beautifully. Susan does wonderful work. They both made me smile. Now I had better get busy and get my tree up so they will have a home.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Snowman Swap

Vivian is hosting a snowman swap. The rules were to make a snowman ornament. It had to make you partner smile. I hope these made Susan , my partner smile. The large JOY is a wood cutout from Michael's. I just covered the letters and his hat with paper. Added some paper flowers and a ribbon. The snowflake is another cutout. Painted and glittered. The face is a covered button with the face drawn on and added the earmuffs. The last one is made of felt and wool. Sewn and stuffed with buttons added. The dress is the card. I hope these make you smile Susan.