Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sweet Little Nest Swap

Over at Speckled-egg there is a nest swap going on. Above is the nest I made for Stevie. The bird is made of felt with beads on the wings and beads for the tail. The crown is from a tutorial from Sandra Evertson. Who doesn't love her. The nest is 2 different size tin tart molds. They are painted white and glittered. The flowers and ribbon both came from the same vintage hat. The white rose is new and I wish I knew where I got them, cause I want to get more.
The wall hanging is made from a vintage tea towel, old lace,a silk hankie and music sheet. The flowers are new but the leaves are vintage. I forgot to take pictures of the other goodies I sent along. So you will just have to go visit Stevie. I had so much fun making the nest I just might have to make one for moi. Stevie has posted the swap goodies she has make for me. I have not received them yet and I'm doing very good at not peeking.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Pink Artist

Monica's The Pink Artist is a charity project for Breast Cancer. The 2x2 fabric base squares will then be added to art doll's.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A few treasures

On my recent trip to my mom's I was able to bring back just a few items that she had put my name on over the years. The first is the table. It had belonged to my grandmother. I remember it being in her house when I was a little girl. The 2 jars of buttons had belonged to my maternal grandma. The crystal creamer and sugar bowl had been my great grandmothers. The blue and brown vase with the bird is dated 1898. I'm not sure where or who it had come from. I always loved the colors and the bird. I feel very lucky to have items that had been family pieces. I will share more as I get around to unpacking them. My house is very small and I don't have room to display everything. I had always shared the love of antiques and family pieces with my mom. Something neither of my children share with me. I don't know if it is because they live in such a disposable society. Everything has to be new. If it gets worn out or broken they just throw it away. They don't get how I can find something old, worn, discolored, chipped,or torn a treasure. For now I will keep these items close to my heart and hopefully some day they will find the beauty and sentimental value in them.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Looking for Love

Poor Mr. Crow is looking for love. He is not having much luck. For now he is settling for a silver bowl of hand stitched hearts. The small red felts I bought at Michale's and just added beads and trim. These sequin hearts and Cupid also came from Michael's.

Where there is love there is life

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tag I'm It

My sweet blog friend Cindy tagged me UGH! 7 weired things about me. Of course there is nothing weired about me (lol). So here goes in no particular order.

1. All my clothes in my part of the closet are hung by style (ie: short sleeeve, long sleeve,pants,skirts ) and by color. (all white short sleeve, blue short sleeve and so on.).It really doesn't bother me that hubby's side is not color blocked,but they are hung by style. As for my kids closet. I'm just happy if their things are hung up and not on the floor.

2. Still in the closet. There are no wire hangers in my house. Guess I should of never read Mommy Dearest.

3. I talk to myself. I mean ,I talk out loud and carry on conversations with myself. I usually do this while driving alone. Thanks to hands free cell phones I no longer worry about people seeing me talking to myself .

4. I talk for the dog. I have a voice for her. I don't think this is strange. However my family thinks I'm completely out of my mind. My children make it a point to tell their friends. Gotta love teenagers.

5. I waste way to much time playing Spider Solitaire.

6. I get very nervous if I have to be under a bridge or overpass for any length of time. (I blame this on being raised in earthquake country.)

7. I hate chain letters and never send them on. With that said I will not be tagging anyone.

Now that you have read this........See I'm really not weired. Or maybe you are saying Gee I'm not as crazy as her. She talks for the dog.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

soldering class

Yesterday I took my first soldering class here . The class was taught by Josie. She is a fabulous teacher. Very patient and organizied. I will definitly be taken more classes from her. Now I'm hooked and of course I had to buy everything I will need to solder. After all, isn't that why God invented credit cards. Put the soldered found objects and beads on a bracelet. Wearing it right now as I type. I love the sound of the objects and bead make as they clang together and hit my other bracelets that I'm never without.
Another heart to add to the collection. I love black and red. The cupid button in the middle I found in one of my mother's button boxes. The silver pieces were also hers. I don't plan on polishing them. I like the tarnished look they have.