Sunday, July 29, 2007


Last January my goal was to spend more time creating. Since I hate to cook and I don't consider myself a writer or do I play any kind of musical instrument. I chose what I have always done. That is to sew and craft. Well, I was doing really good, until May. Then life got in the way and everything was put on hold. Now, I'm ready to start this goal over. There is a saying "it is not how much thought goes into plan A, it is how well you execute plan B. Everyone handles stress and everyday interruption's differently. I feel very lucky to have been taught at an early age to sew. To use that as a stress release. Otherwise I would weigh as much as an elephant. :)Sometimes things don't come out like I envisioned them in my head. Those just go in the pile of "oh well"s". Then I will start over on something else.
I'm new to the whole blog world. I will admit I have been lurking (as my son calls it) some of you blogger's out there. This has helped me to gain inspiration and I completely impressed by how talented everyone is. So with all that said I guess I had better get busy.

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Heidi ( said...

I'm glad you did come out from behind the lurker curtain! Now we get to be inspired by all YOU make! Seems you have a lot of talent and skills to share! I'm looking forward to seeing everything!