Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Girl can never have to many shoes

Aren't these shoes to die for? I just love the heals on the blue ones in the front.And check out the heals on the black ones. I know you are thinking wow this chick is one stylish babe. Well guess what? Unfortunately these aren't mine. Are you kidding my old feet wouldn't be caught dead in these. And I would be dead if I even tried to walk down the hall in them. No these are my 15 year old daughters newest finds. These will add to her collection of 30 or so pairs she already has.(that's just heals) Now you might think that isn't to many, but rembember she is only 15.She has a shoe fetish. This is a trait she has inherited from me and both of her grandmothers. Must be a girl thing. There was a time in my life when I would have worn these. And I might add, worn them all day. But age, weight, pregnancy and a lot of miles all have taken a toll on my tired old feet. Should I tell her she is going to ruin her feet and when she is my age she will be wearing (old lady shoes) as she calls them? No I say "go for it honey". Cause one day you will have old feet and then you can look back on your youth and say. "There was a day when I would have worn those ."
As for my shoes...................If they aren't comfortable the minute I put them on forget it. I no longer feel the need to buy them and break them in. So my shoes of choice. Good ole Birkenstocks. Love them, wear them year around. I live in the desert,so this is possible. And I may not have 30 pairs, but I have my share,even a pair of leopard print.

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Anonymous said...

The shoes are hot! But wait a minute... is that a rug? Because I want that rug if it's a rug. I'm totally going to steal that rug....