Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Mailbox Surprise

Yesterday I was feeling a little glum. When I checked the mail there was a little box with my name on it. I had commented on Cindy's blog about her wings. She had said she would be happy to send me the pattern. Well!!!!!!!!!! Not only did she send me the pattern, but she made me a set of joy wings. Along with that she sent me white feather wings. I have an idea for them. And the most adorable little journal. Plus 3 wishes. It was as if Christmas had come early. Well after that I was doing a happy dance. The glummys went away and I was feeling rather inspired. Got busy with my snowman swap I should be able to finish that up tomorrow. Just take a look at this cute book. This is the front. Cindy is so talented. You must visit her site.

The inside front.

Inside back

And the back cover. Just too cute. Thanks Cindy I love everything. You really made my day.
Snapped me right out of my pitty party. And I still have 3 wishes left.


Alison Gibbs said...

How lovely of Cindy to send you all those goodies. No wonder you are feeling better. The wings are so pretty. Enjoy your goodies.

*Heidi* said...

What a great pick-my-up, for you! Pretty wings. I have a whole set I've been working on, but they are on the back burner right now. Guess that means they are simmering? Have a great weekend!

cindy said...

I'm tickled that you liked it. I can't wait to see what you do with those wings.

Dolly said...

Hi Becky it is nice to meet you!
Thank you for visiting my blog and entering my give away!
And adding me to your side bar!

I love love love those wings...what a great idea! I'd love the pattern for the paper wings if you girls don't mind shareing! wink!!!


Gypsy Mermaid said...

oh i love that! its soo pretty! i am soo excited to see what your sending me!