Monday, February 8, 2010

It's Been A While

Most of the time my life goes very smoothly. Aside from a few bumps in the road everything just moves quietly along. But not this past month.

First bump: we are moving!!!! After 22 years in the desert we are moving back to Colorado.
We are very excited and yes I will miss the desert in the winter, but not in the summer. However, I'm stressing. We will need to sell our house. With the recession, and Phoenix having the second highest foreclosure rate in the country. I'm starting to flip out. We have spent the past month painting and doing repairs and upgrades around the house. All this for someone else to enjoy. Funny thing is, some of the improvements we have wanted to do the past 17 years we have been in this house. All my creative efforts have been going to painting rooms and doors. Hubby will move next month and I will stay till the house sells. Hopefully that won't take 3 years.

Bump #2: My daughter was jumping a fence and landed on a bush. A branch went into her upper thigh about 6 inches and left a very large hole in her leg. It looked like a gunshot wound. Not that I have seen many gunshot wounds, but I do watch CSI. She has had 2 surgeries in a 3 week time span. The first was to determine the extent of the damage to her leg,and pack the wound. The second was to close the wound that was about 4 inches long and a good inch wide. My heart ached for her. She was so brave and was in an enormous amount of pain. But she is one tough nut. She still walks with a limp. So no high heels for awhile. The limp bothers me more that the fact that she will have a very large and ugly scare on her leg.

Bump #3: My daughter's" bff" has moved in with us. Why?? Her Mother is very screwed up.That is being kind. 2 years ago this girl tried to kill herself. Rehab and an ugly divorce of her very screwed up parents. She is now clean and sober and we are very proud of her. But her mother's new boyfriend has decided he doesn't want her around so the mother told her to go live with her father. The last time she stayed with him was when she tried to kill herself. I really want to slap this woman,but have been told by the bff, daughter and my husband to not say a word to her.

These bumps, plus the ongoing worry about my mother. The care center calls me about once a week. I have to talk her down from whatever she has gotten upset about. Usually she doesn't know where her car is. I have to remind her that we sold the car 3 years ago. Last week I just had to laugh. She told me she was leaving the next day for Europe. She was flying into London and once there she would figure out the rest of her trip. I just went along with it. It is a crazy illness.
Oh and one more, my day job is making me crazy..........................


Paris Cowgirl said...

Becky, your life right now sounds like mine was a year ago! Crazy aunt, day job, uggh, sick dogs.... and so it goes. This too shall pass. Glad to hear your daughter is getting better. And good for her for being tough! I'll be working at Mystic Paper today and Thursday. Stop by if you can!

JWood said...

oh my becky, thanks for the update! you are doing great in the midst of all this! my thoughts are with you and your family...

eclectic archivist said...

Becky do you have your hiking boots on? Your bumps sound more like big mountains!

cindy said...

I hate that everything is piling on top of you. Take care of yourself and don't let the craziness get you down. I hope your daughter's leg is healing nicely and no more limp.

Sending hugs your way!