Friday, December 14, 2007

Beeswax Collage

I have been wanting to try my hand at beeswax collage. The best way to do that is to take a class. Mystic Paper was offering a class taught by Mike . Well, I knew I was just going to have to make time for the 3 hour class. And boy am I glad I did. Talk about fun. Mike is so much fun to take a class from. You should really checkout his site. He gives complete instructions and has tons of down loads. The theme of course was Paris. I had the small Eiffel Tower and just wired it on when I got home. So Santa if you are reading this I'm adding a melting pot, quilting iron,travel iron and beeswax to my Christmas list.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by for Karl's What I Love about my Holiday Home. And for all your nice comments.


Maija said...

Great collage! I took the class from Mike at Halloween, and I really enjoyed it!

Natasha Burns said...

Hi Becky,
Wow do you realise how fabulous that looks!!! Great job! Love the effect beeswax gives

Sherry said...

Thanks for this..I love what you've done. I've been curious about beeswax I know where to go.

ArtsyMama said...

This turned out fabulous! Love it. I've always wanted to try it too. I'll have to look for a class.

cindy said...

That collage turned out sooooo freaking cool! I love it. So, was it pretty easy to work with? I reckon I need to see about a class. It's just beautiful.