Tuesday, December 30, 2008

For my gals in Texas

They say everything in Texas is big. Well I have two blog pals with BIG Hearts. They are so talented and just sweethearts.
The first is for Cindy. We have never met, but as she says we were separated at birth. She has been so encouraging and supportive with my mom. Hopefully we will meet one day.

Next is Tina. We have met and she is so durn (as they say in TX) cute. Loads of fun. A cowgirl through and through. She too has been supportive this past year.
Thanks girls for all your blessings. Hope you enjoy. Click on pics to see details.


carlene federer said...

these are fab! I gotta come over and have you teach me that rusting technique!

Tina said...

Becky!! Now what am I going to post about..lol.. I love my cowgirl piece!! you are a precious friend!! thanks again for the surprise!

Road Trip With Ruby said...

Great work, Becky. Remember, we're going to get together soon.

Casii said...

Oooh, love this! Happy New Year!

cindy said...

I LOVE my piece! You are a doll...my niece just could not get over the fact that someone would just send that cool thing to me. We marveled over the details. You are a dear and I'm very thankful for your friendship.


Maija said...

Those are both beautiful creations, girlfriend! I'm taking Julies heart class, and she is also teaching a class called angel face (or something) next month at Domestic Bliss!