Tuesday, January 6, 2009

She was a mystery

Couple of things I have been playing around with. The cameo is a clip on earring that had been my moms. Click on pic to enlarge.

Under Armor

Looking at the photo I think the back still needs something else. What do you think?


Tina said...

eeeeewwww..love the bottle!! you are churnin' out some lovelyness there in the desert!!

cindy said...

Both of those are really cool! LOVE the color and the adornments on the second one. And I think the back is perfect the way it is.


Pat Winter said...

Cool! Love the bottle. I am so thrilled to have become a blogger and ventured out to met so many artistic ladies.

Judy said...

Perhaps a big, fluffy bow "bustle" on the back of your torso/mannequin. I love those and they are so unexpected when a person turns the torso around.

Casii said...

Lurve the bottle! Love the torso too! I have one sitting unadorned; just a pair of wings thrown over it. I like yours as-is. Give it a few days, then decide whether to add more.

carlene federer said...

Awesome Becky, love the direction you're going there!
Hey, I was at Joanne's today, where were you??? I actually looked around for you LOL!!!

Stevie K said...

Happy New Year! Love your bottle, gorgeous!!! xoxo

Heather Robinson said...

Your work just excites me. It is so imaginative and inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Love your art work...very inspiring...love this bottle...as is or perhaps with a black satin pearl center bustle bow