Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back Home

Can you guess where I have been all week? Yep, that's right London. Went with my gal pal Melissa. NO Kids NO Husbands. We had a blast. Loads of shopping, sightseeing, eating and laughs.
5 days however is not near enough time to see and do everything in a city that is hundreds of years old. I really need to go back.
The weather wasn't even that bad. Slight drizzle one day. Didn't even have to use my umbrella.
No matter how much fun you have,it is always nice to come home and sleep in your own bed. Oh did it ever feel good last night after a 9 hour flight.
That would be me in a Covent Gardens phone booth
Horse guards at Buckingham Palace

Market on Portabello Street.
Love red doors. This one is in Notting Hill
The sign on this door at the Tower of London cracked me up.
Big Ben. Absolutely beautiful.


cindy said...

Hey...glad you are back. Ohmygosh...would love to go. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I hope you are nice and rested and full of creative energy. :D


carlene federer said...

oooh you lucky dog!!! I'm sure you had a blast, great pix too!

Monica said...

oh you are a lucky girl!
I lived in germany for a while and would love to visit England!
How fun you went with a girlfriend :)

Paris Cowgirl said...

I had no idea you were going to London! You lucky girl you. I loved it there. You're right, one week is not enough time. Let me know when you can come and play. I'll buy lunch!

JWood said...

1. welcome back!
2. i LOVE the market photos!
3. i'd LOVE to paint one of them for you... you buy the canvas, i'll furnish the paint : )

take care and so glad you are back and BLOGGING! lol...

julie haymaker Thompson said...

LUCKY YOU DARLING . My sisiter and I are trying ot take a workshop in France this summer from an english fiber arts artist . Priscilla Jones. I hope it works out. Hope to see you soon. Hugs Julie

Road Trip With Ruby said...

Hey Becky, was it everything I told you it would be? Looks like you made it to many places and had a wonderful time.

Tina said...

Wonderful photos! Glad you had a good time, made me wish I could go back!! Isn't the 'oldness' of everything there amazing?

Maija said...

How did I miss it that you were going to Lndon!! I'm sure you had a fabulous time!!!