Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Meet Eliza

Another doll using the technique from Joanna's online class. All the lace, keys,small button and her nail arms I picked up in London. While in London we went to the Covent Gardens area. I loved the narrow winding street. Made me think of My Fair Lady. So I had to name her Eliza Doolittle.
On one side of her face I used the Tim Holtz crackle paint. In person it looks better. In the photo it looks a creepy looking.lolThe side without the crackle paint.
This is also from one of Joanna's online classes. I'm not real thrilled with it. I had a shortage of metal works so I rusted a wood piece from Michael's.


Hens Teeth said...

Hello ~ Glad to read you had such a good time in old london town. Great is'nt it!
Love Eliza, she is fantastic.

Dawn said...

Hi your Eliza is great, and I love the canvas - didn't know JOanna was doing these classes, mmm fabulous!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Hi Becky! Wow! London and beautiful dolls too! It's been fun watching you and a couple of others through your doll class - just so impressive to me who only dares work flat! Your dolls are fabulous! And how fun to read about your amazing trip.

Thank you for your kinds words and wishes. The support from fellow art blog buddies has overwhelmed me and made me strong to do what I needed to do, so your being a part of that means more to me than you know! I look forward to spending a bit more time catching up here in the next few days!


Lisa Gatz said...

I love the doll! I haven't finished mine yet because I was out of state (and combing shops for more doll heads!)

Love the laces and that you named her Eliza.

Casii said...

Love Eliza and the canvas as well! London sounds amazing. I'm green with envy (imaging the green part here)!

Lisa Gatz said...

Thanks for the comments on my bracelet and my gourd bowl. I will be teaching it online soon if you're interested. Isn't it fun to take classes online? I just love what Joanna has done with her videos.

Maija said...

I love the creepy=ish look Eliza has!