Monday, April 13, 2009

Nice and quiet

We had a very nice quiet weekend. Saturday we woke up to rain. Yes RAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Rain is always a good thing in the desert. Last weekend we spent painting daughter's room and rearranging my studio. Hubby built me two table tops. I was going to paint the walls and redo the floor. But.........that would have meant I would have had to completely unload the room. I was happy just to get the table tops and get everything organized. It now feels like a new room. More than 1 person can fit in there. Daughter even hung out with me in there yesterday. With all the crap on the walls you can't tell the paint needs to be touched up.

Before shot of my mess

After. It may not look like a big difference but there is.
The other side of the room after.
Daughter's room after. The really cool graphics and chandelier are from IKEA
The walls are a light gray. Her drapes are a dark purple. There is Monkey. He is missing an eye, but he is well loved. Monkey has traveled all over the world. He will be spending the summer in CA. She has signed with an agency there and will leave the end of next month.


Tina said...

Looks great Becky!! Who doesn't need another work top!! Brownie Points for Hubby!!!

JWood said...

the room looks so goth! i LOVE it!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Wow! Look at all of your cool stuff and new cool place to use it in! I'm so jealous! Your daughter's room is so cool too! Wow again!

On another note, we live in L.A. and my husband is a 25 year veteran in the movie industry and very well respected, so if your daughter needs anything at all while she is here, we are available for talks, dinner, shoulders, surrogate hugs, etc! Seriously! If she needs directions or has car trouble or whatever, she can call us. Just email me and I will give you numbers. We have a niece and nephew and cousins that are a little older (21-23) than my kids (mine are 15 and 17) so they can help show around, etc.

Your room looks great! Yay husbandman that did it for you!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Doesn't getting organized feel sooooo good!!! I just moved my studio across town in Santa Fe and boy it felt so good. I am still waiting on some mail order organizers and a desk but every thing is all put away. My hubby is a contractor so I am the" cobblers Wife" I have to buy it if I want it. Tee hee.

cindy said...

Becs...what a great room! I love your little "star chandi". So cute! I know you will create even more amazing stuff there. And congrats to your daughter on her signing! :D