Friday, April 10, 2009

Swap time

Judy and I did a little swap. She painted me this beautiful picture of red tulips. I love it Judy! Judy and I met at Mystic Paper. We have taken classes together. She is a collector of angels. So of course I made her an angel. The hankie, lace and wings were dipped in coffee. A small waxed butterfly rest on her head.
Paper flower on the back of her head was dipped in coffee and then in wax. Lace was added to back of wings. I hope you enjoy her Judy. She was fun to make.


JWood said...

i DO love my angel! mostly, i enjoyed our time getting to know each other... have a lovely weekend becky!

Jack and Cat Curio said...

You have been very busy. Can't wait for your class. The Cat is very excited. Your latest projects are fantastic. All of your stuff is quite grand. But lately you are on a hot streak. We love it. Can't wait to meet and chat. Talk soon

cindy said...

Look like some good swapping going on! :D


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Both art works are just beautiful and you are two lucky ladies!