Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stop Art Piracy

My sweet and very talented friend Marsha has been a victim of a horrible crime. One of our fellow artist has used pieces of her work(without altering them) and claimed them as her own. The issue has been resolved and the art removed from flickr. Out of this crime, Marsha has come up with an idea to make art that represents this exact problem. I know this goes on all the time and it is not right. We all put our hearts and soul into what we make. Be it for profit or pleasure. So is it stealing one's work when you copy an idea? There are a lot of wings and pointy hats. I love wings and put them on just about everything. Is it stealing one's work when you use a technique? I don't think so. How many of you take a heat gun to paint to get it to bubble?
But when you take a piece of work or image without asking or outright copy someone's work,then that's a different story.
Join Marsha and other to Stop Art Piracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tumble Fish Studio said...

Thank you, thank you for your work and contribution and support to this campaign. You're right, we're not talking about being inspired and mimicking work we love - that's how we learn and grow and how revolutions in the industry happen. But the out and out downloading and reusing someone else's work is a problem we can start to talk about and change. Your help with this means a difference for everyone and I so appreciate it!


Alison Gibbs said...

What a terrible thing for someone to do. I find it amazing that anyone could do such a thing

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Thank you for putting me on to the Flickr group, I joined and will design a piece for the campaign asap. (btw, I found you on Jack and Cat studio's blog)

Judy said...

I recently got an email from someone who asked me about copying artwork, changing "one" thing and then claiming it as her own. Told her straight out that was a no-no! Sorry to say, but changing one thing doesn't constitute your own work.

I love to share and do it willingly. But if a person takes a class from me, then goes somewhere else close by to teach the same thing without asking permission or giving credit, then line in the sand is drawn.

Techniques are a different matter. One has to use techniques in order to do art work. Techniques help other artists grow and learn in their own art experience. Share those!

And don't get me started on "theft" of art work from a shop or store! Believe me, if I ever see the pieces stolen from me, anywhere, that person will have more to worry about than they ever dreamed! Theft is inexcusable!

Now that I have ranted, I will check out the site you mentioned! Good blog, Becky!

Your daughter is beautiful! You have to let something you love go before it will return to you. She will go again, but the next time she will be a bit wiser and smarter. Good lesson!

See you soon??!! Judy

Sue said...

Hi Becky,

I love your work......I found you on flickr. Thanks for following my blog. I always hate the thought of someone stealing another artists work. I have never seen it happen myself but I have heard of it a few times. I'm sure we all love being inspired by other's work but most of us find a way to incorporate it into our own style of art.... what ever that may be.
I saw your dog a few posts cute. Have a wonderful day.

cindy said...

Hear! Hear! Well done gurls!

yapping cat

Casii said...

Coming from an artsy family, a big thank you for calling out the art piracy!